Survival Super Squad - Rule of 3

Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle, also known as The Daring Droplets, are part of an elite eco-system team called 'The Survival Super Squad'. They do a very important job - they look after us by using their very own super powers! 

1) Water (The Daring Droplets) keeps us alive by hydrating us and helping us stay clean.

2) Wildflowers (The Wilful Wildflowers) are very important as they help pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies use their special powers to give us food to eat.


3) Trees use their unique powers by giving us oxygen to breathe.

Let's look after our very own superheroes so they can do their jobs and look after us.

Poppy, Sunny, Rosie and Daisy, also known as The Wilful Wildflowers, are the newest members of the team. Read their adventure in 'The Wilful Wildflowers And the Golden Petal'.