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Author - Tina Talbot

Inspired by the Romantic movement in English literature and its affinity with the natural world, Tina Talbot, has written a series of children's books to engage children in nature.

Accepting that our advance in technology is as human as our dependency on nature, Tina, is striving to create a balance between the two. She believes that nature has been as integral a part of our evolution as the innovative accomplishments of our ancestors.

Tina hopes that children will fall in love with the characters in her books as much as they love their technology, inspiring a lifelong harmony and reverence of nature that will ensure the survival of our planet.

Judit Matthews.jpg

Illustrator - Judit Matthews

Judit Matthews is a Hungarian born illustrative artist living in the UK, working from her home studio in Banstead.


Her work is exciting and unique with lots of detail in an illustrative style. She gets her  inspiration from paper cutting artists, British wildlife, seaside and her Hungarian heritage with rich folk art.


Judit also enjoys drawing natural, organic forms and uses them as patterns. Her mediums are pen and ink with some watercolour or acrylic ink for colour; sometimes even collage for extra texture. She likes to simplify shapes and not to pay too much attention to scale or the real colour.


She paints whimsical, quirky pictures with animals, creating a story, narrative.


Judit is member of the Tadworth Art Group and exhibits her work there twice a year. Her pictures are also available in various art galleries, she also takes part in Surrey Artists Open Studios in June.


She loves passing her enjoyment in art to others so she runs monthly workshops.


Karina new.jpg

Illustrator - Karina Siba

Karina Siba is an artist who encourages people of all ages to pick up a tool and have a go. Whether it’s drawing, painting or craft, Karina believes that we all have creative untapped potential!

Karina is passionate about reconnecting people with the natural world, she believes it is so important in these times for people to develop care for our beautiful planet and the creatures we share it with.

Her artwork is largely inspired by natural forms and experiences she has had on her travels like diving in the deep, blue ocean. She loves using bright colours to make her imagined worlds come to life.

Learn to paint with Karina at ART NOW, Banstead Art School 

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