Tina has been visiting schools, bookshops and other events since her first book was published in September 2018, reading to thousands of children.


Visits are free and parents will have the opportunity to buy personalised signed copies of the Survival Super Squad series for their children.

The Daring Droplets: World Water Cycle Team is aimed at school years 1-4

The Daring Droplets' Diary is aimed at school years 3-6

The Wilful Wildflowers And The Golden Petal is aimed at school years 3-6


Visits are ideal for Eco- clubs, Book/Science/History & Creative Writing weeks.

What parents are saying
“The book has great educational values. The story engages the children of various ages. The young ones with the illustrations and the fun adventures the droplets have, the older ones with learning the water cycle and enjoying following the journey of the daring droplets.”

“This book explains the water cycle in a fun way! The story is clear, the drawings are beautiful and colourful . I gave them as gifts to several family little friends and they all love it!"


To book Tina, please email or call on 07703 271030. 

Text & Characters © Tina Talbot 2018, 2019 & 2020.
Illustrations © Judit Matthews 2019 & 2020
© Karina Siba 2018

All rights reserved
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The Survival Super Squad series is printed on FSC certified paper