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Author Visits

Tina has been visiting schools, forest schools, libraries, bookshops and other events in Surrey and South West London since her first book was published in September 2018, reading to thousands of children.

The Daring Droplets: World Water Cycle Team is aimed at school years 1-4

The Daring Droplets' Diary is aimed at school years 2-4

The Wilful Wildflowers And The Golden Petal is aimed at school years 2-4

The Wilful Wildflowers And The Woeful Witch is aimed at school years 2-4

How can a visit from Tina best fit into your calendar?

National Storytelling Week in January/February (All books)
World Book Day in March
(All books)

World Storytelling Day in March (All books)
International Children's Book Day in April (All books)
National Share a Story month in May (All books)
Children's Book Weeks in May & November
(All books)

World Environment Day in June (All books)

Eco-day (All books)

Water Cycle lessons (The Daring Droplets: World Water Cycle Team)
Ocean Pollution (
The Secret Sea Creatures: Taye the Turtle) 

History day/lessons (The Daring Droplets' Diary)

Greek Mythology (both Wilful Wildflowers books)
Halloween (
The Wilful Wildflowers And The Woeful Witch)
Remembrance/Poppy Day (The Wilful Wildflowers And The Golden Petal)

Format of a visit
Tina is available for assemblies and individual lessons at schools, bookshops, libraries and other events in Surrey and surrounding areas.

She will read the chosen book (one book per class/session) and discuss the themes with a range of activities from games to drawing and, for older classes, some writing.

3 reasons to book Tina

  1. Boost children’s writing confidence – Meeting a real-life author can inspire students with their writing

  2. Bring reading to life! Reading is a struggle for many youngsters and the use of illustrations in Tina’s books aids the transitional reading process.

  3. Educate through enjoyment. Tina’s books are all subtly educational. Boys & girls enjoy reading the stories picking up extra information without realising it!

Tina charges a rate in line with fees recommended by the Society of Authors for author visits which is £75 an hour for up to 4 hours. We will also provide the school with some complimentary copies. It is also possible to book a visit at reduced cost to the school linked to sales of the book to parents. Please ask for more details.


What parents are saying
“The book has great educational values. The story engages the children of various ages. The young ones with the illustrations and the fun adventures the droplets have, the older ones with learning the water cycle and enjoying following the journey of the daring droplets.”

“This book explains the water cycle in a fun way! The story is clear, the drawings are beautiful and colourful . I gave them as gifts to several family little friends and they all love it!"


To book Tina or if you have any other questions, please email or call on 07703 271030. 

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