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The Wilful Wildflowers And The Woeful Witch - Survival Super Squad book series

Author Tina Talbot

The evenings are getting darker, there’s a chill in the air and colours like orange, purple and black are gradually creeping up around us. It can only mean one thing: it won’t be long ‘till Halloween!

The dusky autumnal evenings are a perfect time to snuggle up with your children and read ‘The Wilful Wildflowers And The Woeful Witch’. Nothing screams Halloween more than a wicked witch sitting in her sinister cave, hidden away from everyone.

The Woeful Witch
Illustration by Judit Matthews

“It was a forbidding place; dark and gloomy, the only light coming from the glow-worms that she had captured and imprisoned in glass jars, and the smouldering fire burning underneath a big, black cauldron.

There were spiders in every nook and cranny, bats hanging menacingly from the ceiling and woodlice scurrying around the edges of the cold, damp floor.”

Find out what made The Woeful Witch so bitter and cruel … if you dare …

The Survival Super Squad book series is available directly from

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