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The Daring Droplets: World Water Cycle Team - for school years 1-4 - Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle race against each other to complete a water cycle, but will they overcome the obstacles in their way and who will reach the ocean first?

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The Daring Droplets’ Diary - for school years 2-4 - Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle travel through time beginning with adventures with the giant bugs of the prehistoric era and ending with the challenges they face today.

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The Wilful Wildflowers And The Golden Petal - for school years 2-4 - Poppy, Sunny, Rosie and Daisy, go on a quest to learn which one of them is the most beautiful wildflower in the world. Who will it be, and will they stay friends when they find out?

A great fun and educational read for young children of all ages. Mrs C, Woking


Such beautiful images and colourful imagery in the writing. Mrs G, Epsom