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It's time to see what you have been saying about the Survival Super Squad books as we go through some of the fab reviews that you have sent to us. We absolutely love how enthusiastic you are when reading them and are so happy that you enjoy the series just as much as us, but enough about what we think, here are some of the great things that you have been saying about our books.

For The Kids

Our first review comes from an ecological company that said 'They have learned about the water cycle from the Daring Droplets and know all about wildflowers from the Wilful Wildflowers. I would definitely recommend them for your budding eco-warriors, scientists, botanists and geographers'. Thank you for that review, it is exactly what we always wanted when the books were first written.


Next comes some kind words from a very happy customer, 'They are magical! What a beautiful idea!'. Each and every book we have made and will make, has come from a small idea in Tina's head and has now become the books that we all love. The magic that you can see when reading them is all passion. Nothing great can ever be achieved without passion and these books are full of it.

The Droplets

This review comes from what someone had to say about our second book, 'The Daring Droplets' Diary', 'This is a fantastic read aloud for young kids to teach them about water and the water cycle along with a lot of other facts about the world throughout time. Very well done, easy to follow and entertaining. I really enjoyed this one'. Teaching kids about nature is all we want to do, so we are very happy they have learnt from the book.


One of our favourite reviews comes from a happy reader saying, 'Just finished The Wildflowers...the story flowed beautifully. Loved the flower characters, lots of imaginative 'plot' with great opportunities for further discussion. Particularly liked the end where you emphasised individuality and positive body image. So much to like...language, illustrations, sense of peril, excitement. It's a lovely book'.

'A Clever Story'

Last comes a review on Amazon about 'The Wilful Wildflowers' saying, 'I have loved the two first books of Tina Talbot treating the subject of the water cycle but this book is a very special one. I simply felt very interested by the way Tina is including knowledge for the children to learn-in a playful manner-new vocabulary, about managing feelings, nature and so much more. I love the idea'.

By Pia Talbot

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