Why Is Reading Important?

The time has come for cosy autumn days and nights when being inside in the warm is truly the best option. Fun activities that we can enjoy from the comfort of our own home is the way to go this time of year and thankfully, reading is one of them, but why is reading so important? What benefits does it have and why should we be doing it? These are the questions we will be answering today.

Increase In Emotional Intelligence

Reading multiple books about a range of different characters is said to be a cause of increase in people's emotional intelligence. This is because, by reading about other character's lives, we gain an understanding of other's feelings and learn how to accept them, which in turn leads us to understand real life people's emotions better. Who knew that reading could do so much for us?


As you will know by now, we at Survival Super Squad love to help children learn about nature and the environment through our wonderful educational books, so this point is especially close to our hearts. When you hear the word 'learning' what do you think of? My guess would be school. It is a place where you consciously learn about a variety of subjects. The amazing thing about reading, is that you learn lots of different things without realising it. While enjoying a good book, you absorb so much information without even knowing.

Gives You a Good Night's Sleep

When we asked people when it was that they read the most, the majority of them said at night before they go to bed, which is fab! Reading before bed helps the whole body to relax, especially the eyes. This is a huge contrast to watching something on TV or on your phone, as screen time before bed is said to stimulate the brain and make falling asleep that much harder. So the takeaway from this, reading before bed = yes. Screen time = no.

Better Vocabulary

To be a writer, you must have a love of words, I mean it is going to be your job at the end of the day! Therefore, the books that you read are going to have a variety of words that you can try and work into your everyday life. Without realising it, instead of saying 'but' you will start to say 'however' and instead of 'good', it will be 'excellent'. The possibilities are endless when it comes to expanding your vocabulary.


Let's not forget about the whole reason why we read in the first place....it's fun! Yes, watching a good box set is enjoyable, but everyone at some point needs a little break from TV. That's where our good friends books come into it. All of the points above are true and good to be reminded of sometimes, but the most important thing to remember when it comes to reading is, always pick what you want to read and what you will love because having fun with it is the best part.

By Pia Talbot

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