What is Survival Rule of 3?

We cannot survive without: -

· Clean air to breathe

· Shelter to protect us from harsh weather

· Clean water to drink

· Food to eat

The water cycle provides us with water to drink; plants, flowers and pollinators provide us with all the food we need and trees give us oxygen to breath as well as offer us shade and protection.

Why do we need these precious natural resources?

· We can only survive for 3 minutes without breathable air

· We can only survive for 3 hours without shelter in an extreme cold or hot environment

· We can only survive for 3 days without drinkable water

· We can only survive for 3 weeks without food

Let's keep our water clean, let's save the flowers and pollinators, let's look after our forests. Let's stay alive.

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Text & Characters © Tina Talbot 2018, 2019 & 2020.
Illustrations © Judit Matthews 2019 & 2020
© Karina Siba 2018

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