Tips For Reading To Your Child

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

There's nothing more precious than bonding with your child and one of the best ways is by reading with them. Having a special one-on-one moment to connect is a time to be cherished. Here are some tips on how to make reading with your child even more enjoyable:

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to connect to your child and connect to the book you are reading is to ask questions about it. By asking what your child likes and has learned from the book keeps them engaged and ready to read more. By talking about the book, you may learn more about what your child is feeling as they relate to certain subjects in the book and can openly discuss what they think.

Talk About the Topic

Each book you will read is going to have a certain topic that it will follow throughout the story. So, a great way to make sure that your child understands what they are about to read is to discuss the topic before starting the book. For example, prior to reading 'The Daring Droplets World Water Cycle Team', see what they know about the water cycle and if there is anything they would like to learn about it.

Be Comfortable

If there is one thing that most people can relate to is that reading is really relaxing, that's why so many people read before bed. So when reading with your child, try to make it as comfortable as possible so they associate it with unwinding. Maybe set a certain time when they will be the calmest (like before bed) to read together as it will definitely make the time even more peaceful.

Book Choice

From our many years of reading, something that is commonly failed to mention is that book choice is key. There are so many people who are convinced they don't like reading, all because they haven't read the right books. Make sure you have a variety of different books for your child to read and then after each one ask how much they liked it and if they would like to try another genre.

Let Them Read to You

Not only is it good for bonding by reading to your child, let them read to you as well. Reverse the roles and let them show you how well they can read the story all by themselves. In a time when almost everyone is constantly on their phones, getting in some quality reading time using actual books is important. By reading to you and seeing all of the amazing illustrations, your child's imagination will become even more active and you'll be seeing that development in front of your own eyes.

By Pia Talbot

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