‘The Wilful Wildflowers’ – Their Personalities

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Poppy, Sunny, Rosie and Daisy are the Wilful Wildflowers. Although they are all wonderful flowers (even though Daisy struggles as people think she is a weed), they each have different personalities to match their different looks.


Daisy is the mischievous wildflower. She has long blonde hair and pure white petals that shimmer in the sunlight. Even though she has always wanted to be a flower, all her friends kept calling her a weed, so because of this, she creates the golden petal and uses it to make her friends fight over who is the most beautiful flower.


Although she is just a common field poppy, Poppy is amazingly beautiful. Her petals are a flaming bright scarlet and her whole personality screams glamour. She is fiery (just like her petals), vivid and full of life. She loves to party and getting all dressed up for the night is one of her favourite parts, as well as dancing!


Sunny is a chilled and loveable sunflower. Just like the summer season, Sunny is relaxed and loved by many. He is as cheerful as can be and is the most popular of all the wildflowers. He has bright yellow petals that are warm and glow just like the sun. He especially loves making sure all of his petals are in place, so he knows he looks good!


As a wild and untamed rose, Rosie has pink petals and smells like a delicate sweet perfume. Even though she looks girly on the outside, inside she loves to be outdoors and climb trees and hedgerows. She is strong, athletic and very independent. All the other flowers know that Rosie is not to be messed with.

As a Group

All of the wildflowers are friends, but daisy was always the one who felt left out. After a quest to figure out who is the most beautiful (and Daisy trying her hardest to stir up trouble in the group), the wildflowers learn to embrace their individuality and become even closer friends by the end, with Daisy remaining part of the group.

By Pia Talbot

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