‘The Wilful Wildflowers’ – Teachable Moments

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Ever since starting the Survival Super Squad books, Tina knew that one of the most important parts of each story would be the teachable aspects of it. Helping kids learn about the importance of the environment and the world we live in has been monumental in writing these books. Here are some of the lessons that The Wildflowers have taught us:

Love Yourself

Individuality is a major part of ‘The Wilful Wildflowers’ as each flower is different. Daisy especially as she struggles with knowing if she is a flower or a weed, but as the wise owl says at the end, it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as it is someone you want to be. Being different is what makes everyone special and the wildflowers show that.

Be a Good Friend

At the beginning of the story, Daisy is sad because her friends were mean to her as they were saying she was a weed. It isn’t till the end when the wise owl reminds them to never say unkind things to friends and they all apologise to Daisy. Remaining good-hearted towards friends is always important and sometimes we all need a reminder.


Even though their mission to find out who is the most beautiful was slightly vain, Poppy, Rosie and Sunny all worked together throughout the story to find the wise owl. Daisy kept throwing awful things at them, like finding bats to circle them or a spider to spin its web, the three wildflowers stuck together and managed to work as a team.

Be Kind

Never has it been more important to be kind to others and this story proves it. By saying to Daisy that she is a weed, a whole chain of reactions started where the wildflowers got caught up in all of Daisy’s mischievous tricks. If they hadn’t been unkind to her, Daisy would never had become sad and then deceive them all into fighting over who was the most beautiful.

Flower Facts

It wouldn’t be a Survival Super Squad story without a few nature facts! In the story we find out that honey bees like to collect pollen from roses and poppies. We also learn that birds like to eat the seeds from sunflowers. Flowers have many uses for the environment and sometimes we forget that they don’t only look beautiful, they also do wonders for our ecosystem.

By Pia Talbot

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