The Life Of A Children's Book Author

Want to know what goes on in the life of an author? Well look no further as today we will be sharing with you all of the fun exciting things that Tina Talbot, the author of our fabulous books, gets up to in her day-to-day life as a children's book author. From interacting with her readers to working hard on producing the latest books in the Survival Super Squad series, there's never a dull moment!

Working With The Illustrators

We like to think that the words are only half the story. With books such as ours, visual representation of the thoughts, ideas and stories written on the pages is so important. That is why working with all of our amazing illustrators is the first point on this list. We couldn't do what we do now without them and seeing them bring Tina's vision to life is like magic! Getting to work side by side with them is one of the best parts of the day!

The Hours

As a night owl, Tina has always loved working at different hours of the day and that is one of the reasons why being an author is the perfect job. Inspiration hits at different times, day and night, so getting the ideas out and onto paper can happen at any time. Some parts of the books are written at 2pm, others at 2am! There is no ideal time to write, just when inspiration arrives.

The Writing

Of course, we couldn't do this list without mentioning the main reason behind it, the writing. Tina's biggest passion come to life and her absolute favourite part about producing the Survival Super Squad books. Being able to write down the thoughts and ideas that have been swirling around in her head for years in a way that entertains and educates children is invaluable to her. She loves to write and that shows in her books.


Now onto you, the readers. Going into schools has been challenging in 2020, but this is what Tina is most looking forward to doing in 2021. Getting to know the kids that read the books is amazing and hearing them answer some of the questions we explore in the series is so much fun! Getting back to the schools and teaching children all about nature is going to be an exciting part of the new year.

Letters and Drawings

The final part of a day for a children's book author is getting to look through all of the fabulous letters and drawings that you send in. Whether it's your thoughts about the stories, or incredible drawings of the characters, Tina sees them all and loves hearing from you. Knowing that you, the readers, love the books just as much as Tina loves writing them brings joy and warmth into her heart.

By Pia Talbot

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