Survival Super Squad Artwork Ideas

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Survival Super Squad is a collection of books and characters including, The Daring Droplets and The Wilful far! Receiving all of the amazing drawings we get from our wonderful little Survival Super Squad supporters is one of our favourite things to get. So, here we would like to share with you some super cool Survival Super Squad artwork ideas to get started on:

The Daring Droplets Weather Conditions

Throughout the whole Daring Droplets two books, we see the Daring Droplets face multiple different weather conditions like snow, sun and, of course, rain! As you can see from the picture above by Alexa with the 'drops exploring the snow', we get so many drawings of the Droplets encountering a diverse range of elements. What other weather conditions can you think of for the Droplets to face?

The Droplets

With the three of our fab Droplets to choose from, we love seeing all of the different ways you portray them. Dribble with his books and myths, Drizzle with his adventures and sports and Dazzle with her sparkles and rainbows, the possibilities are endless when it comes to these Droplets! Draw them separately or all together and create your own little world for the Droplets to exist in.

The Wildflowers

Onto our other group of characters, The Wilful Wildflowers. Poppy, Sunny, Rosie and Daisy are four wonderful flowers that we love seeing drawn. They each have distinct personalities and can be coloured in with different colours to symbolise them as the flowers they are. Daisy may have been the flower to feel left out, but in your drawings, they can all be the best of friends and ready to set out on a new adventure.


Similar to the idea above, along with our Wildflower characters, we also love to see your artwork of everyday flowers. Drawing the Wildflowers like they are drawn in the book can be difficult, especially for our younger readers, so seeing lovely pictures of roses, daisies, sunflowers and poppies sent to us is amazing. Knowing that all our readers love nature like us brings so much joy to our hearts!

The Creatures

Crocodiles, dolphins, spiders and let's not forget about Dribble's fascination with the Loch Ness Monster! Throughout the entire series of books, we explore how the characters come across and deal with the creatures that they meet. That is why seeing so many drawings of the creatures and animals described in the books is incredible. We love seeing how many different animals you can recall from the books and how you draw them.

By Pia Talbot

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