Quiz - Which Wilful Wildflower Are You?

For anyone that doesn't know, the 'Wilful Wildflowers' are characters from our fabulous book, 'The Wilful Wildflowers And The Golden Petal'. With four main wildflowers in the book: Poppy, Daisy, Sunny and Rosie, we wanted to see which character you're most like with a quiz! Each Wildflower has a different personality and is interested in different things, so find out which Wildflower you are now.

1) What activity do you enjoy most?

A) Writing

B) Drama

C) Painting

D) Music

2) What is your favourite colour?

A) Red

B) Pink

C) Yellow

D) White

3) Which word is most similar to your personality?

A) Glamorous

B) Athletic

C) Easy-Going

D) Mischievous

4) What kind of friend are you?

A) Passionate

B) Caring

C) Social

D) Naughty

5) What is your favourite animal?

A) Ladybird

B) Owl

C) Firefly

D) Spider

If You Are Most Like A....You Are POPPY

Poppy is stunningly beautiful and is the opposite of ordinary and common. She is fiery, vivid and full of life. She is glamorous, flaming and vibrant and absolutely loves writing and poetry. Poppy is a great character to be, with her alluring nature and passionate vibe.

If You Are Most Like B....You Are ROSIE

Rosie is wild and untamed, with a delicate sweet side. She loves being outdoors, climbing trees and hedgerows. She is athletic, strong and fiercely independent. Rosie is a great character to be as she is energetic yet generous.

If You Are Most Like C....You Are Sunny

Sunny is easy-going, cheerful and loved by everyone. He is a ray of sunshine and the most popular of all the flowers. Even the coldest of hearts can't resist his charms! Being Sunny is amazing as he beloved and joyful.

If You Are Most Like D....You Are Daisy

Daisy is a great friend...as long as you don't get on her bad side! All Daisy ever wanted was to fit in but now she realises that just being herself is the best way to be. She loves music and is good at playing tricks. Daisy is sometimes misunderstood but an excellent character to be.

By Pia Talbot

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