Quiz - Which Daring Droplet Are You?

The three Daring Droplets, Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle, each have completely different personalities, but are still great friends. Want to know which of the Daring Droplets you are? Take the quiz right here!

What is your favourite colour?

A) Green

B) Blue

C) Pink

What activity do you enjoy most?

A) Ice skating

B) Reading

C) Dancing

Which word is most similar to your personality?

A) Adventurous

B) Thoughtful

C) Glamorous

What is your favourite animal?

A) Sharks

B) Seahorses

C) Dolphins

What is your favourite weather?

A) Snow

B) Rain

C) Sun

What are you favourite kind of books?

A) Superheroes

B) Scary

C) Fairy tales

If You Are Most Like A....You Are DRIZZLE

Drizzle is adventurous and sporty. In the winter, he likes ice skating and throwing snowballs at his friends. In the summer, he scuba dives in the underground caves and snorkels with sharks. He loves superheroes and secretly wishes he was one!

If You Are Most Like B....You Are DRIBBLE

Dribble enjoys reading stories about mermaids, pirates and the Loch Ness Monster. He also likes spooky ghost stories about haunted lighthouses and exploring the oceans of the world in search of seahorses, shipwrecks and sunken treasure.

If You Are Most Like C....You Are DAZZLE

Dazzle sparkles everywhere she goes. She makes the frost glisten on cold winter mornings and dances in the April showers. Her favourite hobbies are swimming with dolphins, splashing in puddles and helping the sun paint rainbows in the sky.

By Pia Talbot

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