Great Places To Get Reading

If you love to read, then you know that sometimes it can be difficult to find a quiet, relaxing place to enjoy your book time. That is why we have chosen our favourite places to crack open a book and get lost in its magical story.


Being busy can sometimes mean that you never get much me time, but we all have a gap in-between times when we have to be at certain places and going home seems pointless. Therefore, stopping at cafés and coffee shops is the best thing to do. So why not get that valuable me time and bring a book with you to relax? For those who need quiet when reading, maybe this isn't the location for you, but if being in a public place doesn't distract you, then give this one a go.


Yes, the weather is definitely getting colder, but why let that stop you from reading outdoors? Just make sure to wrap up a bit warmer! Reading outside is honestly so good for people as it gets us away from the screens that constantly surround us. Getting out and being with nature is also wonderful for our mental health and by just going out with a book, we get to enjoy a hobby and also be one with the Earth.

Public Transport

Being on trains and buses can be so boring and everyone always keeps to themselves when on them anyway (especially now), so use those extra however many minutes you've got and start that book you have been wanting to read. You could even make it so you only read the book when travelling to make it more interesting and actually look forward to travelling to and from work!


Bringing your own books into libraries is thought of to be bad in a lot of places, but at the end of the day, reading is reading and libraries are meant to be quiet places where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a good book. There are many houses that are too busy and or too loud to actually have some peace and quiet in and for those of you who need that time to yourself, head over to your local library with your very best book.


Last but certainly not least, home is the place where most people like to unwind and read. When asking others where and when they read the most, the majority of them said when they are home, at night just before bed. This is surely the simplest place to read, but a lot of people work from home, so associating their own house with relaxation can be difficult. My advice is find somewhere cosy that is only for unwinding, so then you know that when you are there, it is resting time.

By Pia Talbot

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