Get Your Kids Excited About Nature!

Survival Super Squad is always excited about nature, but we want everyone, especially children, to be just as enthusiastic as us! There are so many ways to get your kids more interested in nature and to help them understand the importance of what it does for us. Everyone can be passionate about nature, you just need to find the way to help your children become excited about our beautiful Earth.


Combining two of our favourite things, nature and art! If your child absolutely loves creating, painting and drawing, incorporating nature into it is an amazing way of getting them interested in nature. Get outside and pick up some sticks, leaves and petals for them to mix in with their artwork. Not only will they have a greater appreciation for nature, but they will also find more creative ways to craft their imagination.

Nature Parks

Especially this year, we have had an even better understanding of how it is important to get outside and we shouldn't forget that. A great and easy way to get out in the environment is to go to nature parks. Show them how beautiful the Earth is by going to these places. There are always some around, so get searching on the internet for the one closest to you. Once you and your child have a favourite place to go, being in nature will just become a normal fun thing for them to do.


Planting flowers and other plants is such a fun and exciting way to get your children involved in nature. Waiting for something to grow by feeding and watering it everyday will show your kids how fun it is to contribute to nature's growth. Buy a few seeds that they will love and help them create life and be one with nature.

Create Nests

What's one of the best parts about nature that everyone loves? The wildlife! Have a fun family project and create some little nests for birds, bees and squirrels. Helping out the animals that live in our gardens not only shows children that the environment helps not just us but the wildlife as well, they also learn the importance of helping out others, even if it is just a few little animals.


This last one is for those who need a gentle step into nature. Sometimes the best way to get kids excited about something, is to gradually introduce it into their daily lives. Reading books and watching TV programs and films about the environment is a fantastic first step before they go out and experience it for themselves. Reading about our planet and learning all of its amazing ways will help when they see it as they will understand what it all means.

By Pia Talbot

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