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Choosing what to do during lockdown 3.0 with your kids can be difficult (especially if they aren't going into school). That is why we at Survival Super Squad have decided to create even more super fun drawing activity sheets for you all to try out at home. Just send your email address to info@wildlifewhimsiespublishing.co.uk and you will receive your drawing activity sheets. Here is a little taster of what you will get:

Cretaceous Period (aka Dinosaurs)

The Cretaceous Period was the last time dinosaurs lived on Earth. You may have heard of Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, but do you know the names of the dinosaurs in The Daring Droplets' Diary? Next, we would like you to draw a picture of your favourite dinosaur. It can be anyone you like, just make sure to add lots of colour. For an extra activity, draw a picture of a volcanic eruption behind them, remember to include the red-hot lava!

Ice Age

Look on the internet and see how many animals you can find that existed during the last ice age. Which ones are extinct and which ones are still around today? Now, draw as many as you can! For an additional activity, watch the Disney 'Ice Age' movies and draw your favourite characters from the films. It can be 'Sid the sloth', 'Manny the mammoth' or 'Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel', any character you love.

Carboniferous Era (The Time Of Giant Bugs)

Did you know that the Carboniferous Era is also known as the Age of Insects? Before dinosaurs, birds and mammals existed, it was the insects that ruled the world. Can you draw a scene from the Carboniferous Era? Make sure your picture is packed with lots of giant insects and swamps. For a few ideas, add in a scary scorpion, a giant spider or even a terrifying shark. Just remember to make everything bigger and scarier!

Underground Water

Water is all around us. It's in the sky when it rains, it's in our pipes and taps, it's in our bodies, it's even in our pet's bodies! In the book, can you find the page where the Daring Droplets are deep underground? Are they happy or are they miserable? How do they finally come back out into the air? Next, draw a picture of Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle underground. Lastly, if you were stuck underground for thousands of years, what would you do to pass the time? Write down your answer underneath your picture.

The Industrial Revolution

Machines were invented during this time that used waterpower and then eventually depended on steam and coal to make them work. Which pages can you see Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle turn into steam? Can you draw a steam ship or steam train? Next, can you copy the picture of the horse having a cup of tea in the book? Have fun and get your parents/guardians/teachers to send us your amazing pictures and answers!

By Pia Talbot

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