Common Questions Asked By Kids

Since going back into schools to read and talk about our books doesn't seem too far off, today we wanted to share with you a few questions commonly asked by the wonderful children that listen to Tina talking about the Survival Super Squad!

'Do You Know David Walliams?'

No I don't, but I would love to meet him! I respect the impact he's had on children's literature and how he's made reading fun and enjoyable. He has managed to make reading cool and therefore, has succeeded in getting children of all ages to read.

'How Old Are You?'

When I tell the children I am in my fifties, they gasp. They then go on to tell me I am as old as their grandmothers! I like to remind them that William Steig started writing children's books in his 60s and subsequently published 'Shrek', in his 80s. After telling them this, I suddenly don't seem so old anymore.

'How Much Money Do You Make?'

This question always makes me laugh. Especially as one little boy asked me how much I made in the last fiscal year. Clearly the offspring of accountants. I tell them the truth, that the money I make goes into donating books to children's charities, so that doesn't leave much for me!

'Am I Too Young To Write A Book?'

I always tell them that there is no age limit when it comes to writing. I then ask them to write what they know and how they feel, as this will relate to the rest of their classmates and ultimately, their audience.

'How Many Books Have You Written And Which Is Your Favourite?'

I have published three books so far in the Survival Super Squad series, but I have actually written fifteen all together, with brand new characters and stories, to be published over the next few years. In terms of my favourite book, I genuinely love all of them equally, however, the Daring Droplets do hold a special place in my heart, as they started my writing journey. They are my origin story.

Other fun questions I get asked are, 'Do you have any pets? Can I go to the toilet? Did you know it was my mum/dad's birthday?' and 'Do you know how my goldfish/gerbil/cat died?' Then I occasionally get a question about history, the water cycle or nature!

By Pia Talbot

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