Bond Through Reading

In recent times, with technology becoming more and more popular, especially with young people, reading to bond with your child has become less likely. We are here to tell you that reading with your child should always be a source of bonding. There are so many great ways to incorporate reading into your schedule and even more, it is beneficial to both you and your child.

Get To Know Each Other

This may sound like a strange one, but it is true! When reading aloud to your child, you get to understand them a bit more by listening to the way they read a book. Can they memorise a page quickly? Are they animated and imaginative when exploring the book's characters? Not only this, but they will see how you are interested in seeing them achieve. Both of you will be excited for time together.


Reading is just another way for anyone to understand what is happening in the world. Especially for children, this gives them a way to relate events that happen to them in their day-to-day lives with scenarios in the book they are reading. This makes starting a conversation with your child much easier, as both of you will have a reference you can turn to if you need a little help explaining yourselves.


Again, this might sound obvious, but trust is something to be earned. When your child knows that you are going to be there for them, even if it is something as small as for reading time, they will know that they can trust you. Reading together it something that you can only do with someone that you know and trust as it is an intimate thing to do. Know that by taking that step to just listen to them read, or let them listen to you, you and your child's bond will become stronger than ever.

Finding a Book

Finding the right book that your child wants to read can be challenging. Something that you used to read when you were their age may not be the style that they are interested in...and that's ok! When it comes to reading, anything is ok. Change books as often as you like, get halfway through and find a new one. Once they find a book they love, nothing will stop them from finishing it.


Last, but not least, learning while reading is inevitable. Not only will your child learn about language and grammar, but they are also learning about their own imagination. By doing this together, they will know that you support them and are encouraging them with their learning through doing something that they are interested in.

By Pia Talbot

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