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Have you realised that throughout all of these blog posts, we still haven't done one about our amazing author? Well, the time has has arrived for you all to get a sneak peek into the life of Tina Talbot. We all know that Tina is passionate about nature and getting children involved in reading, but do you know why? Today we are going to answer your questions about Tina, why she does what she does and a few other fun facts!

Tina Loves Animals

Throughout all of the Survival Super Squad books, there are so many animals involved helping the characters, whether it be the Droplets, or the Wildflowers. This is because Tina has always believed that animals are here to help us. Ever since she was born, Tina has has a pet. Starting off with Fifi, Tommy and Pepper, her beloved cats. Later on in life came the dogs. Firstly Cookie, now Cocoa. Let's also not forget about the fish, Boris and Evils!


Tina has always loved poetry, even from a young age and that is why she included some of her favourites in the back of The Wilful Wildflowers. The reason as to why she loves it so much, is because she believes that poetry is a way of capturing the emotion and message of what the writer is trying to get across to us. Her favourite ever poem is in The Prologue of The Canterbury Tales.


Getting children involved and excited about reading is one of Tina's greatest passions. With so much going on these days and lots of different technology devices, there truly is nothing better than sitting at home with a good book. Having the children fall in love with the Survival Super Squad characters and making sure that the kids create a special bond with whoever is reading the books to them is Tina's dream.


Becoming the writer Tina is today hasn't been an easy journey, but she has now found her calling, to write and educate the world about nature. For Tina, writing about nature is her way of giving it a voice and a way of speaking up for itself. Starting off in 2018 with The Daring Droplets World Water Cycle Team, Tina will continue writing about nature and helping the world understand why it is important.


This is how it all started. Tina believes that nature is a place to live in, not a place to visit and we should, therefore, look after it and show it our love. Nature is the key to our survival and is a part of our family. Even before Tina became the writer she is today, she has always loved and appreciated nature. Now she has found her way of helping it and getting everyone, especially the next generation to feel the same.

By Pia Talbot

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